Sliced Bait fed Shoulder packet
  • Sliced Bait fed Shoulder packet
  • Sliced Bait fed Shoulder from Extremadura

Sliced Iberian Bait-fed shoulder - Extremadura (Paleta Cebo)

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Iberian Bait-fed Shoulder elaborated in Extremadura, land par excellence of the Iberian ham. It is produced in the Sierra de Monesterio from Iberian pigs with a purity of race of 50 and 75%.

Elaborated in a traditional way, this Iberian Bait-fed shoulder requires a very slow curing process, from 20 to 24 months (twice as long as the standard of the Iberian shoulder, 12 months), hence the high quality that the final product reaches.

Its manufacturer is internationally recognized for the high quality of its products, especially the Iberian ham and shoulder, as well as its loin sausages and the rest of the Iberian sausages (morcón, chorizo and salchichón).

The Paleta is presented hand sliced and vacuum-packed in 80g and 100g sachets.


The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 5.

Sliced Iberian bait fed shoulder:

Iberian shoulder made in the Sierra de Monesterio (Extremadura) from fattening pigs fed on cereal-based feed.

The pigs used to produce this Iberian bait fed Shoulder, have a purity of race 50% Iberian and 75% Iberian.

It is an Iberian bait fed shoulder (Paleta de cebo) produced in a traditional way and cured naturally by one of the most reputable manufacturers of Iberian ham and shoulder in Spain, whose Iberian products have been awarded prizes on many occasions at the Great Taste Awards in the United Kingdom, recognised as the most prestigious gourmet food competition in the world, in which the 50 best foods in the world are selected every year.

The high quality of the pigs reared in the Extremadura pasture, the enormous experience of the producer in producing this Iberian shoulder and the long natural curing process to which it is subjected during more than 20 months, have given rise to an extraordinary Iberian bait fed shoulder.

It is presented sliced by hand and vacuum-packed, in 80g or 100g sachets.


Data sheet

Iberian shoulder from bait (50% to 75% Iberian). Front leg of the pig.
Greater than 20 months
Place of production
Extremadura (Spain)
Sierra de Monesterio
50% to 75% iberian
Type of breeding
In farm (high quality)
BAIT (on farms)
Iberian shoulder from field bait (cebo campo), sea salt and preservatives.
Storing & expiry date
Keep refrigerated.

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