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Royal Premium EVOO
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Royal Premium EVOO


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Premium Royal EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaén

Early EVOO produced solely from Royal olives. A variety of olive that is unique in the world and native to Jaén.

To produce this EVOO, the olives are harvested early, when the fruit is not yet fully ripe, thus obtaining a higher quality EVOO, much more flavourful and appreciated by the consumer.

It is an early EVOO that is made by cold pressing, making the most of its organoleptic properties.

Awarded a Silver Medal in Los Angeles as one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world.

Ideal as a gift due to the high quality of the EVOO it contains and the exclusive design of its packaging.

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Royal Early EVOO

Royal single variety early EVOO.

This EVOO is made from a unique olive variety in the world, the Royal variety, which is only produced in Andalusia, and more specifically in the province of Jaén (Spain).

It is produced from olives originating in Spain, harvested at the beginning of October, when the fruit is not yet fully ripe, thus obtaining an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of extraordinary quality.

In addition, it is made with the greatest possible care and attention, harvesting the olives when they are not yet fully ripe, in order to make the most of their organoleptic qualities. The olives are harvested immediately, as they are harvested, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the EVOO.

The very specific point of ripeness that the olive must present for its harvesting, its immediate cold pressing, and its limited production, as it is only produced in Jaén, make this EVOO an exquisite delicacy unique in the world, and of very limited production


Data sheet

EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Place of production
Jaen - Andalucía (Spain)
Single variety Royal
Early harvest
Oil quality
EVOO Premium
Cold pressing, within a maximum of 2 hours after harvesting.
Premium glass bottle
International awards
Los Angeles Olive Oil SILVER
Preparation of the order
1-2 working days approx. (selection in the cellar by the manufacturer)

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