Pata negra Ham for gift
  • Pata negra Ham for gift

Pata negra Ham for gift

VAT included

Possibly the best pata negra ham for gift, you can find in the market. Within the TOP TEN of Spanish pata negra ham, you can find this ham from Extremadura, awarded up to 7 times in the Great Taste Awards in the United Kingdom (the most prestigious gourmet food awards in the world).

It is an acorn-fed pata negra ham, produced in a traditional way in the Dehesa de Extremadura, with a curing process that can exceed 4 years, and with a special presentation for gift, which will make you look very good with your commitments.

Now you can offer as a gift a real pata negra ham ready to eat.


Pata negra Ham for gift:

This acorn fed pata negra ham from Sierra de Monesterio, is presented clean, completely ready for consumption, HAND SLICED and also with chopped bone, to make stews.

This pata negra ham of Sierra de Monesterio, is certainly a success for your commitments. It is a hand sliced ham, but packaged with a premium presentation, specially designed to make the best gift.

Pata Negra Ham 
Pata Negra Ham
(for gift)
4,5 - 5,0 kg Slices: 20 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 3 packets x 80g
Bone: 3 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 3 packets x 3 bits
6,5 - 7,0 kg Slices: 30 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 4 packets x 80g
Bone: 4 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 4 packets x 3 bits
9,5 - 10,0 kg Slices: 45 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 6 packets x 80g
Bone: 6 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 6 packets x 3 bits


Data sheet

Iberian purebred ham from acorn (100% purebred Iberian). Hind leg of the pig.
Greater than 36 months
Place of production
Extremadura (Spain)
Sierra de Monesterio
ham sliced by hand
Pata Negra - 100% Iberian purebred
Type of breeding
In freedom (the highest quality).
ACORN (the highest quality).
Iberian purebred ham from acorn (pata negra) and sea salt, WITHOUT preservatives.
Sierra de Monesterio
Storing & expiry date
Keep refrigerated.
National awards
Best Acorn-fed Iberian Ham 2017 y 2019 - Monesterio (Extremadura)
International awards
Great Taste Awards: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 y 2013
Preparation of the order
4-6 working days approx. (selection in the cellar by the manufacturer)

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