Hand sliced pata negra Ham
  • Hand sliced pata negra Ham

Iberian pata negra acorn fed Ham hand sliced - Monesterio (Jamón pata negra)

VAT included

Iberian pata negra acorn-fed ham elaborated in Extremadura and recognized as one of the best of the world.

Three gold stars and 7 times awarded at the Great Taste Awards in the United Kingdom (the "OSCAR" of gourmet food).

2017 and 2019 best Iberian acorn-fed ham from Monesterio (Extremadura), the birthplace of Iberian ham.

This pata negra ham is cured for more than 3 years, which can be more than 4 years in the case of the heaviest pieces.

It is the authentic Iberian pata negra acorn-fed ham, elaborated in Extremadura like formerly, of handcrafted form, PRESERVATIVE-FREE and ADDITIVES-FREE, only with ham and salt, and hand sliced by an expert professional cutter.


Product presentations

PRESENTATIONS of our Iberico Bellota pata negra ham hand sliced, from Sierra de Monesterio:

SLICED ham (by hand):

See what our two slicing versions include for this product:

Ham bone-in
(cut by hand)
Presentation of the product
(Premium packaging)
4,5 - 5,0 kg Slices: 20 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 3 packets x 80g
Bone: 3 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 3 packets x 3 bits
6,5 - 7,0 kg Slices: 30 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 4 packets x 80g
Bone: 4 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 4 packets x 3 bits
9,5 - 10,0 kg Slices: 45 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 6 packets x 80g
Bone: 6 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 6 packets x 3 bits

Unlike the boneless ham, the presentation of the Iberico de bellota ham (Selection Bellotares) from Sierra de Monesterio, also contains the bone and the excess fat, except for the debris of the piece, such as the crust and the yellowish fat that gives a sour or bitter (unpleasant) taste to the product.

The slicing of this ham is CUT BY HAND by an expert cutter, so that the piece is not subjected to the heat that the automatic cutting machines give off, so that its organoleptic properties are not altered during the cutting process and remain intact until the product reaches your table.

The packaging of our sliced versions is also taken care of in a special way, in the same way that we pamper the product at the time of the cut, we also realize a packaging in Premium format taking care not only the quality but also the presentation of the product.

6,5 - 7,0 kgSlices: 30 envelopes x 80g
Chips: 4 packets x 80g
Bone: 4 packets x 3 bits
Bacon: 4 packets x 3 bits

Data sheet

Iberian purebred ham from acorn (100% purebred Iberian). Hind leg of the pig.
Greater than 36 months
Place of production
Extremadura (Spain)
Sierra de Monesterio
ham sliced by hand
Pata Negra - 100% Iberian purebred
Type of breeding
In freedom (the highest quality).
ACORN (the highest quality).
Iberian purebred ham from acorn (pata negra) and sea salt, WITHOUT preservatives.
Storing & expiry date
Keep refrigerated.
National awards
Best Acorn-fed Iberian Ham 2017 y 2019 - Monesterio (Extremadura)
International awards
Great Taste Awards: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 y 2013
Preparation of the order
4-6 working days approx. (selection in the cellar by the manufacturer)

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