Iberian grass-fed ham - Los Pedroches
  • Iberian grass-fed ham - Los Pedroches
  • 50% Iberian grass-fed ham - Los Pedroches

Iberian grass-fed ham - Los Pedroches (cebo de campo)


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Grass-fed Iberian Ham from Los Pedroches Valley

Product: Grass-Fed Ham 50% iberian

Category: Grass-Fed 50% iberian

Curing: 28 to 36 months

Other characteristics: Preservatives free

Protected Designation of Origin: Spain

Origin: Los Pedroches Valley / Córdoba / Spain


50% Iberian grass fed Ham from Los Pedroches

This is a grass-fed ham, made from pigs reared on large estates where they feed on open-air pastures, in what is known as the most populated and best preserved holm oak pasture in the world.

It is made using a totally artisanal production process and cured in a cellar five metres underground, where the ideal humidity and temperature conditions are achieved in a totally natural way. This is how we obtain what is considered one of the best grass fed hams in the world.

Produced in Los Pedroches, the area that produces the best Iberian ham in the world, where the best grass fed ham is also produced.

Its manufacturer has been awarded 5 times at international level as the producer of one of the best hams in the world. It has also been recognised 6 times as the producer of the best Iberian ham in Los Pedroches.

Produced using traditional methods and cured naturally for between 28 and 36 months. This is how this extraordinary grass fed ham is obtained, considered a jewel of Spanish gastronomy.


Data sheet

Iberian ham from field bait (50% Iberian). Hind leg of the pig.
From 28 to 36 months
Elaboration / manufacturing:
Natural / preservatives free
Place of production
Los Pedroches (Córdoba)- Spain
Whole ham
50% iberian
Type of breeding
In freedom (the highest quality).
FIELD BAIT (from open-air pastures)
Storing & expiry date
Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
Preparation of the order
1-2 working days approx. (selection in the cellar by the manufacturer)

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