Acorn fed ham Cinco Jotas
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Acorn fed ham Cinco Jotas


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Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham

Product: Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham Cinco Jotas

Category: Pata Negra - Acorn-Fed 100% pure Iberian pigs

Curing: Over 36 months

Place of farming and production: Spain

Origin: Jabugo / Huelva / Spain


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Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed Ham, produced since 1879

This is the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham par excellence, selected directly in the Cinco Jotas Centenary cellars.

Tradition and craftsmanship are the characteristics that best define the authentic Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian Ham. These are the qualities that it has managed to acquire during almost a century and a half producing one of the most exclusive acorn-fed hams in the world

Cinco Jotas is not a brand of 100% Iberian ham, it is the legendary brand of 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham in Spain, with more than 140 years of experience producing 100% Iberian pork delicatessen in the town of Jabugo (Huelva), where it produces what is popularly considered the best 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham in the world.

Widely recognised throughout the world for its extraordinary aroma, flavour and texture, Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed Iberian Ham is made from exclusive pieces, unique in the world, worthy of being carved with a knife as authentic works of art by the best ham cutters in the world.

With more than 140 years of history producing hams in Jabugo (Huelva), Cinco Jotas has achieved international recognition for its 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham as one of the best acorn-fed hams in the world. 

Awards given to Cinco Jotas for its high quality:

Great Taste Awards - 2 Gold Stars

2 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards to Cinco Jotas ham for its high quality

Popularly known throughout the world for its high quality, Cinco Jotas ham has also received an award at the world's most important gourmet food competition, the Great Taste Awards in the UK, where it has been selected from among the more than 15,000 products submitted for tasting, awarding it no less than 2 gold stars for its high quality, thus recognising it as one of the highest quality gourmet foods in the world.


Data sheet

Iberian purebred ham from acorn (100% purebred Iberian). Hind leg of the pig.
Greater than 36 months
Place of production
Jabugo (Huelva) - Spain
Cinco Jotas
Whole ham
Pata Negra - 100% Iberian purebred
Type of breeding
In freedom (the highest quality).
ACORN (the highest quality).
Storing & expiry date
Store in a cool, dry place away from light.
Preparation of the order
1-3 working days approx. (selection in the cellar by the manufacturer)

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Nos enviaron un jamón que tenía muy buen aspecto, pero tras cortar una parte de la pieza, ha aparecido una mancha que desprendía un olor desagradable.

El personal de IberSPAIN se ofreció a cambiarnos la pieza inmeditamente y sin coste alguno para nosotros, o bien a devolvernos el dinero y optamos por la primera opción. 

Ahora podemos decir que también nos han enviado un Jamón de 10

Para repetir!!

Muchas gracias. 


Lamentamos los inconvenientes que la primera pieza pudieran haberle ocasionado Jose Luís y le agradecemos su confianza y sus palabras

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